Launch: Tuesday 12 June 2018

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Launch Date:

Tuesday 12 June 2018

Launch Time:


Recover Time:

19:30 (2hrs 35mins)


ILB D-792 Marie Theresa Bertha Barrass


Party Cloudy, Choppy, N, F5


Assistance Given


D class lifeboat was paged to assist a broken-down yacht with 2 persons on board, approx.. 4 miles south of Gibraltar Point. The 22ft vessel was located and taken under tow, back towards Gibraltar Point and the River Steeping.

At the entrance to the river the tow was shortened, and the yacht was taken alongside the inshore lifeboat. It was taken down the narrow channel in to the river and moored alongside another vessel where a team from Skegness Coastguard were waiting. The lifeboat and itís volunteer crew then left the river and proceeded back to Skegness central beach for recovery.

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