Launch: Thursday 22 August 2019

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Launch Date:

Thursday 22 August 2019

Launch Time:


Recover Time:

10:55 (4hrs 57mins)


ALB 13-17 Joel and April Grunnill



Assistance Given


Volunteer crew at Skegness RNLI launched the stations Shannon class lifeboat, Joel and April Grunnill this morning (22 August 2019) to reports of a fishing vessel suffering from engine failure within the Race Bank wind farm.

Teams from RNLI stations at Skegness and Humber were paged by UK Coastguard shortly before four this morning to offer assistance to the fishing vessel which had lost power in the Race Bank windfarm area, 15 miles east of Skegness. The vessel and its three crew were receiving assistance from a local windfarm guard vessel. 


Once on scene the Shannon class RNLI lifeboat from Skegness established a tow with the casualty vessel and proceeded towards the north where they handed the tow over to the Severn Class, Humber Lifeboat for the final leg of the journey into the port of Grimsby. 


Gavin Abbott, Coxswain at RNLI Skegness, said: ‘We were able to offer assistance to the vessel alongside RNLI Humber Lifeboat, Pride of the Humberand ensure their safe passage to a local safe haven where they could undergo repairs. A great job by all involved’.


Liam Dunnett, RNLI Duty Coxswain at RNLI Humber added: ‘This service call is a great example of flanking lifeboat stations working together, well, to complete the rescue and ensure the safety of the vessel and crew’.

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